[Important News] Procedures to Follow at SCP

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[Important News] Procedures to Follow at SCP Empty [Important News] Procedures to Follow at SCP

Post  Lu-Bu-123 on Sun Aug 29, 2010 2:57 am

A few things have been bought to my attention that need improving within SCP, thus the following procedures must be followed:

- Joining the Forum
All staff who are above the rank of Det.Sergeant or Sergeant MUST sign up to the forum in order to enable them to look at the SCP news and updates, including information they need to know for their departments.

- Logging Promotions/Demotions/Suspensions/Dismissals
All Promotions/Demotions/Suspensions/Dismissals must be logged on the forum so any Promotions/Demotions/Suspensions/Dismissals can be checked to ensure people are not self promoting etc. Any Promotions/Demotions/Suspensions/Dismissals that are not logged on the forum I will personally void to avoid confusion, and anyone who repeatedly does not record their Promotions/Demotions/Suspensions/Dismissals will have their permissions revoked.

- Training Officers
We will soon have a badge for all SCP officers who are eligible to train Probationers to become Police Constables as there a lot of new policies being introduced into SCP that not everybody is yet aware of.

Use the forum!
Staff need to start checking the forum on a regular basis in order to find out meeting times, and news and updates within the station.

Thanks for taking your time to read this Post, much love,
:: Chief Constable, Lu-Bu-123

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[Important News] Procedures to Follow at SCP Empty ^^

Post  Ice. on Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:21 am

Note: Angus matt and I are working on the RP training room

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