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[Meeting] Weekly Scotland Yard Meeting Empty [Meeting] Weekly Scotland Yard Meeting

Post  Lu-Bu-123 on Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:43 pm

Department: Scotland Yard
Where: SCP Meeting Room
When: Friday 3rd of September 2010 at 9PM (English time)
Held By: Lu-Bu-123 / Turtle-Hitman

This meeting will be to decide the days our weekly meetings are held on, but will also stand as this weeks meeting where we will discuss improvements within the station. Any staffs who are unable to attend must contact Lu-Bu-123 giving one days notice before the meeting. Any who fail to attend the meeting without giving notice will be given a strike against their name. If you receive three strikes against your name, you will be demoted and somebody more committing will be put into your place.

Strikes can also be obtained by breaking any SCP rules or by not doing your job to the best of your abilities. The only officers who can issue strikes (for now) is myself, and Turtle-Hitman.

For the time being, the striking system will only be put into place for the SY department until a suitable system for recording the strikes is put into place.

REMEMBER: Notice will only be accepted if given before the 3rd of September, meaning you have only two days in order to let me know you cannot attend.

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