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Post  Clues on Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:59 pm

When the gangs stores are armed
and NATO are corrupt
And a rank in the stations taken
Then the plantations burn
That's when the money flows
That's when The Noobs shall bleed
From the bullets of the tall and mighty
And then and then if nothing is done
Habbo shall belong not to law
But to destruction
The master of the plants of 'N' And 'n'
Shall be used
Used to end
Used to end the order
Unless the Police and councils on all of Habbo
Conbind to stop the threat.
Before the Threat comes.
Step before the council.
Finish and destroy the Gangs
Make the Rp feild of battle
Freind Vs Foe and all between
For if not threat is stoped.
There will be none to police.

Before Jully is up.

''N'' And ''n''


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