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Post  Brammer2K on Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:00 pm

As you should know we have just opened a New CO19 Department and we need to recruit some more officers.

These are the officers we have so far:

[»] CO19 Team [»]
Commander: hotsportsguy22
Chief Superintendent: Brammer2K
Superintendent: [Vacant]
Chief Inspector: ToTheAirMax
Inspector: koolboy27
Inspector: -hobo-Angel-
Chief Sergeant: .:DJLiverpool.:
Sergeant: Daniel-Marcelli
Sergeant: [Vacant]
Constable: [Vacant]
Constable: [Vacant]

These are the Ranks that need filling. If you would like one please Contact Brammer2K for the Job.

Thank You

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