[Important News] A Fresh Start

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[Important News] A Fresh Start Empty [Important News] A Fresh Start

Post  rswan on Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:33 pm

Welcome Back Everyone!

After a pretty short rest, we've finally re-opened and made a tonne of changes to the station AND Forum. Please read below to find out what they are!

Forum Revamp

As you may have noticed, the forum has been revamped. All posts have been deleted except the templates which must be used. This is to show the fresh start we have going, however a NEW Forum will be built shortly and we will be switching to it. Another post will be made when it is built, and it will contain the address to get to it.

Refurbished HeadQuarters

The HeadQuarters has also been revamped, it now looks better than it ever has done. We've kept the same room but Savage!! has come up with a stylish design which fits the room perfectly. For the first time ever, well done Ste!

Rank Changes

As mentioned before, the Board of Executives have now been scrapped and two members have now got PD Ranks. Those two members are turtle-hitman and Lu-bu-123. These two people have worked exceedingly well and completely deserve the Commissioner ranks they have been given. Savage!!, Rswan and Blibbob have now become founders. This makes room for extra ranks and is also quite correct, as these three people are the ones who actually built the station.

VIP Badge

We will now be MUCH Stricter on the VIP Badge. You now MUST Have the badge worn to get into the VIP, otherwise you will be left out.


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